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Hotel Workers Accuse Los Angeles Airport Hilton of Violating Living Wage Law

June 16, 2010

In a recent wage and hour lawsuit filed against the Hilton Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Hotel, two workers in Los Angeles, California claim that the hotel hired numbers of low wage workers through a subcontractor, in an attempt to illegally dodge the Los Angeles city laws--requiring that lower wage, temporary airport-area hotel workers receive a "living wage."

The proposed class action lawsuit was reportedly filed by two housekeepers in Los Angeles Superior Court, on behalf of over 150 former and current workers for the Hilton hotel, and claim that Hilton officials have been using Norma's Corp., an employment agency to hire and pay the employees less than the city's living wage, and violate their wage and hour rights. The employees hired through the agency were reportedly paid less than minimum wage, with no access to health insurance.

According to the Daily Breeze, in 2006, Los Angeles City Council reportedly adopted the living wage ordinance for the hotels that are inside the Century Corridor. Hotels were told by the city that they would be responsible for paying the living wage of $10.64, unless they were able to reach a collective agreement with their employees.

The Hilton reportedly tried to overturn the Los Angeles law during which time other hotels in the airport area agreed to comply with the living wage ordinance. The suit is reportedly bringing attention to hotels who are gaining profit by taking advantage of low-wage workers by violating the Los Angeles living wage ordinance. The workers are seeing unspecified damages and back pay.

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