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Hollywood Sex Scandal Spurs Media Frenzy, Accuses John Travolta of Sexual Harassment

May 19, 2012

Hollywood star John Travolta was sued this month, in a widely publicized Los Angeles employment lawsuit that was filed by two masseurs, who claimed that the film actor sexually assaulted them during private massage-therapy sessions.

Vincent Howard has been following the developments in this Los Angeles sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed earlier this month--citing California Civil Code 51.9, the code that covers sexual harassment in a professional relationship between two parties, where a business or service is offered. Both men sought $2 million in damages, along with unspecified damages for emotional distress--before withdrawing their case this week, and changing attorneys.

The sex scandal has been widely discussed in the media, and was originally filed by Pasadena attorney Okorie Okorocha on behalf of the two men, who claimed to represent many other plaintiffs with similar complaints against Travolta. According to the Los Angeles Times, after approaching Travolta's representatives last month in an effort to settle the claims privately, Okorocha filed a nine-page assault and battery complaint with lurid details of the alleged sexual advances in Los Angeles earlier this month. The lawsuit was reportedly fraught with problems--as Travolta's legal team later provided information that Travolta had been in New York on the day in question.

In the original lawsuit, John Doe #1 reportedly accused of Travolta sexual harassment during a personal massage session at the Beverly Hills Hotel on January 16th. According to CNN, John Doe #1 withdrew the lawsuit after evidence supported that Travolta was in New York and not Beverly Hills on the day of the alleged incident--which reportedly was a mistake and should have been filed as January 15th.

The two men reportedly fired Okorocha this week, dismissing their lawsuits without prejudice, and turned to well-known celebrity attorney Gloria Allred for representation--in order to possibly re-file the legal action in another court. Okorocha has subsequently accused Allred of stealing both of his clients after gaining national prominence with the case--an allegation that Allred vehemently denies.

In another development from this week that Vincent Howard has been watching, the New York Daily News revealed the identity of John Doe #2 to be John Truesdale, a 250-pound masseur. Truesdale declined to discuss his original claims in the sexual harassment lawsuit that accused Travolta of actions such as stripping naked during the massage therapy session, humping the massage table, groping Truesdale sexually, and then attempting to pleasure himself during the session.

Travolta's attorney Marty Singer has denied all of the sexual harassment allegations and dismissed them as ridiculous. Singer claimed that they have no intention to pay any money for the false claims against the Hollywood star.

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