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High-end New York Designer Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

March 10, 2010

In our ongoing report on sexual harassment in the workplace, our Riverside Labor and Employment Attorneys have been following the news released this week that a high-end New York fashion designer is suing her boss for egregious sexual harassment.

Maria Adamkiewiczm a designer at S. Rothschild & Co., the well known coat company, carrying labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY, filed a lawsuit yesterday in Manhattan, claiming that she had to resign from the company in 2008 because of enduring continual sexual harassment from her boss, Michael Kaufman.

According to the suit, Kaufman's harassment started in 2006, when he suggested that Adamkiewicz and a colleague buy sex toys to use with their boyfriends from a Hustler lingerie shop that he brought them to on a business trip in Los Angeles. In other allegations, Adamkiewicz claimed that Kaufman licked her hand during a meeting and asked jokingly if that constituted sexual harassment, and also dropped his pants on another occasion. In another instance Kaufman reportedly removed his belt in front of an employee and jokingly snapped the belt, claiming that he was going to whip her with it.

Adamkiewicz, who created design sketches and developed fabric designs for the company claimed to have filed a complaint with S. Rothschild & Company's president Mark Friedman about the sexual misconduct. Friedman reportedly admitted that he was aware of Kaufman's actions.

In the state of California, sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of discrimination--an unwanted sexual advance or behavior that can lead to a hostile work environment. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits sexual harassment in any form of employment in California.

Howard Law, PC represents employees been who have been sexually harassed and are seeking recovery, or employers wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and being sued. In Riverside and throughout Southern California, our team of experienced labor & employment lawyers can aggressively represent you and protect your rights. Contact us today.

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