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Health Care Power-of-Attorney

California Health Care Power-of-Attorney

  • Refuse or consent to any care or treatment.
  • Select institutions or health-care providers.
  • Disapprove or approve medications, treatments, tests or surgical procedures.
  • Direct disposition of remains

Source: California Attorney General's Office

You have a right to make end-of-life decisions or to designate a friend of loved one to do so on you behalf.

It is the most personal of legal matters and the Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorneys take our obligation very seriously. In instances where an estranged family, sizeable estate, or domestic partnership is involved, having a health care power-of-attorney executed by an experienced law firm can provide added assurance that we will be there to protect your wishes, and the rights of your loved ones, should such a critical decision every need to be made.

A Health Care Power-of-Attorney may be designated as part of an Advanced Health Care Directive, which is a comprehensive plan that can help ensure your wishes are carried out. The directive may also be used to convey your wishes regarding the donation or organs, the designation of your primary physician and other end-of-life decisions.

A Health Care Power-of-Attorney may be established to make all decisions in the event you are unable to do so or it may be more narrowly tailored to include only certain decisions regarding your treatment or care. An Advanced Health Care Directive will also allow you to provide specific instructions regarding your care, whether or not you appoint a power-of-attorney.

It is important that a proper Health Care or durable power-of-attorney be enacted to deal with your end-of-life wishes. A typical power of attorney becomes ineffective if you die or become incapacitated. Likewise, a Will is not legally sufficient to empower someone to make health care decisions on your behalf.

We all wish to die with dignity, knowing that our friends and loved ones can find the kind of peace that will allow them to carryon without the kind of guilty, shame and anger that can come with the fight over a family members care. Tragically, most delay taking the important steps that can help ensure a more peaceful passing. The estate planning department at Howard Law represent clients throughout the Los Angeles area, including Santa Ana, Riverside and Anaheim. Call today for a confidential consultation to discuuss your rights.

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