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'Gossip Girl' Television Star Leighton Meester Wins Suit Against Mother

June 12, 2012

Howard Law's Costa Mesa-based labor and employment lawyer Vincent Howard has been following the latest development in the unusual Los Angeles, California employment lawsuit involving Leighton Meester, the actress well known for her role on 'Gossip Girl,' the popular television series, and her mother.

According to recent news, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Alacron ruled last week in favor of the "Gossip Girl" star, after the television actress sued her mother in July of last year, claiming that she misspent the money the Leighton sent on a monthly basis in order to provide for her little brother's health treatments. Leighton claims that instead, her mother, Constance Meester, paid for personal treatments like Botox, hair extensions and plastic surgery.

Vincent Howard reported on this Hollywood lawsuit in our Carson employment attorneys blog last year, after Meester's mother filed a breach of contract counter-lawsuit against Leighton alleging that Leighton had breached various contractual agreements, that totaled around $3 million. Constance stated that that she was taken advantage of and that Leighton breach several support, management, and settlement agreements --all of which Leighton claimed were non-existent. Constance later dropped the lawsuit.

Leighton claimed in her lawsuit that there was no contract in place obligating her to send her mother $7,500 each month, but that she only wanted to take care of her brother after he underwent brain surgery last year-- even though Constance insisted that her daughter agreed to pay her $10,000 every month for the entirety of her life.

According to Judge Gregory Alacron's ruling last week, Leighton Meester was under no obligation send her mother, Constance Meester, any money at all--as there was no valid or enforceable agreement in place.

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