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A workers compensation lawyer Fountain Valley CA locals recommend can help you get the benefits you deserve after suffering a workplace injury.

Have you or a loved one been hurt at work? Are you wondering how you will make ends meet while your employer processes your workers’ compensation claim? Do you need additional medical treatment, but are worried it may not be covered by your workers’ compensation payment? Have you received payment on your workers’ compensation claim, but think it may not be the compensation to which you are entitled?

A workers compensation lawyer Fountain Valley CA victims trust from Howard Law, P.C. can answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

FIling and receiving payment on a workers’ compensation claim can be confusing and time-consuming. At a time when you are injured and already under a lot of stress, the workers’ compensation process may be more than you feel like you can handle. That’s where a workers compensation lawyer Fountain Valley CA residents turn to comes in. Our attorneys at Howard Law, P.C. help people who have been hurt at work. A workers compensation lawyer in Fountain Valley CA from our firm may be able to help you:

  • Start the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process: California law requires employees who have been injured at work to notify their employer within a certain period of time that they have been hurt on the job. If you do not tell your employer about your injury before the deadline, you may lose your workers’ compensation benefits. Your Fountain Valley workers compensation lawyer can tell you exactly how much time you have to file. After you notify your employer, they will typically provide you with a form to fill out describing your claim. Though you do not need a workers compensation lawyer Fountain Valley CA community members rely on to fill out these forms, if you are concerned that you do not understand the process or are worried that your employer may not be giving you all the information you need, an attorney may be able to help you sort things out.
  • Answer Questions About Your Claim: Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that your employer (most likely) carries for employees to reimburse them for medical care in the event they are hurt while working. Similar to the way automobile insurance works after you have been in a crash, you may expect the workers’ compensation insurance carrier to review your claim and ask for additional proof of your injury or the costs that you have incurred. Unlike automobile insurance, however, there is another layer of review: your employer may review your claim and ask questions as well. All of these questions can be daunting, and you may want an attorney on your side to make this process easier.
  • Ensure You Seek All of the Benefits You May Need: Depending on your employer and the circumstances of your injury, you may need more than just reimbursement for the medical bills related to your injury. You may also be entitled to lost wages for time that you missed from work, money for physical or other rehabilitative therapy, job retraining, and, in the event of permanent injury, a lump sum payment for your disability resulting from your injury. An experienced attorney will be able to review your claim and make a recommendation about what benefits you should consider seeking.

These are only three of the many reasons you may want an attorney to help with your workers’ compensation claim. The experienced and caring attorneys at Howard Law, P.C. may be just what you need to help you through this difficult time. Call Howard Law, P.C. at 800.872.5925 today to schedule an initial consultation with a workers compensation lawyer Fountain Valley CA offers.