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Former Employee Sues NBA in $3M Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

October 25, 2012

Howard Law's Vincent Howard has been following the recent announcement of a discrimination lawsuit filed against the National Basketball Association (NBA) by a former employee, who is reportedly accusing the NBA of discrimination based on gender in the workplace.

The discrimination lawsuit, filed this week, claims that former NBA employee Brynn Cohn, who worked as a Senior Account Manager with the company for nearly ten years, experienced discrimination when she was on pregnancy leave in 2010. The lawsuit claims that during Cohn's pregnancy absence, the NBA's management changed her department's work hours--demanding that Cohn along with other female employees with caregiving duties, change their regular working schedules to include evening hours, even though the workers claim there was no reported need for the late night hour shift.

Ms. Cohn claims in the lawsuit that because of this schedule change for all account managers and designers, she was forced out of the company, along with two other young mothers--as they were unable to find evening daycare, and couldn't afford to pay for alternative childcare to accommodate the evening work schedule.

According to the complaint that Vincent Howard has been following, the NBA's Department Director reportedly expressed open hostility toward female employees with children--asking why the mothers couldn't make the same arrangements she made with her dogs, when asked to work beyond 5pm. Cohn also claims that during the period where the schedule was changed, the NBA granted exceptions to male employees and female employees with no childcare responsibilities, while mothers were not allowed to work in a remote capacity, or with flexibility.

After Cohn and her colleagues expressed their concern about impact of the schedule change on their caregiving duties, the Director allegedly told one mother that she would have to choose to either be a mother or work at the NBA. The NBA is also being accused of retaliating against Cohn's fiancé, an NBA employee, by denying his promised promotion after he complained about the Cohn's gender discrimination.

The lawsuit also claims that after Cohn was constructively discharged from her long term job, the department reinstated the previous working schedule.

The gender discrimination lawsuit accuses the NBA of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as under Title VII it is against the law to discriminate against an individual based on gender in any aspect of employment, including hiring, compensation, work assignments, job promotions, layoff, firing, job training, any fringe benefits, and any other terms or conditions of employment. The NBA is also being accused of violating the Equal Pay Act, and the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the lawsuit seeks $3 million in monetary relief.

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