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Finish Line Female Employees Sue Over Hidden Camera in Bathroom

December 2, 2011

Our Riverside employment attorneys have been following a recent California employment lawsuit against The Finish Line, after a former store manager reportedly secretly recorded female employees in a restroom with a hidden camera, as well as customers in a dressing room.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the athletic gear and shoe store is facing lawsuits in both California and Indiana, for failing to properly supervise David L. Meyer, who had been working as a manager in California for a few years, and installed a hidden video recorder in the store restroom.

Five female employees working in Milpitas, California reportedly filed an employment lawsuit in Northern California federal court, against Meyer and the Finish Line, accusing him of secretly recording them with a hidden camera in the bathroom and also dressing room--used by both employees and store customers between December of 2009 and April of 2010.

Meyer admitted in one of the federal employment lawsuits that he installed the recording device in the bathroom secretly, recording the personal and intimate moments of females in the restroom, to catch a person who repeatedly flushed items down the toilet that allegedly caused frequent plumbing problems.

The recordings were uncovered after Meyer's girlfriend accidentally discovered the footage on their home computer and exposed Meyer's actions. According to the attorney representing the female employees, there was no doubt about who placed the camera in the restroom, as the footage shows Meyer looking directly into the camera, while turning the power on and adjusting the angle of the lens.

The five female employees, who were hired as sales associates for the company, claim that the experience made them suffer emotional distress, and that they are suing for the invasion of privacy, among other claims.

The Finish Line reportedly attempted to settle the employment lawsuit with the female employees by focusing an employment application provision that requires all disputes to be handled with binding arbitration--to which the women objected in court. They are asking for an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

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Finish Line sued over hidden cameras, Indianapolis Star, December 1, 2011

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