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Female Job Applicant Accuses Deere of Sex Discrimination in Hiring

March 16, 2011

In a recent Santa Ana, California employment blog, our attorneys discussed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where under the act, discrimination based on gender in hiring, job training, promotions, job assignments, firings, layoffs, fringe benefits, or any other employment terms of conditions is against the law.

In an ongoing California gender discrimination lawsuit development that our Chino Hills employment attorneys have been watching, Deere & Co., the company known for being the largest manufacturer of agriculture equipment in the world, has been accused by a female job applicant of systematically discriminating against women who are looking for entry-level positions with the company.

The original lawsuit was filed by Holly Artis last year in a federal San Francisco court, and according to Bloomberg, Artis filed another complaint today that was amended, seeking class-action status for her gender discrimination lawsuit that she claims was filed on behalf of all female job applicants who were routinely denied jobs.

Artis claims that her Deere job application was rejected and she was denied work with the company in the landscaping division, because the division favors men for the customer-service and sales jobs. The lawsuit states that Artis applied for a job that was filled with a man who had less experience.

The attorney representing Artis claims that all 19 executives in the landscaping and equipment division of Deere are men, and that within larger landscaping facilities, only 2.2 percent of sales jobs go to women, whereas the average for garden supply, farm-supply and nursery stores is over 50%.

After experiencing the alleged sex bias in hiring, Artis claims that she is seeking to end Deere's hiring discrimination with a court order, and hopes for lost pay reimbursement as she and the class of women were denied jobs based on gender.

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Deere Accused of Systematic Sex Bias in Hiring Suit, Bloomberg Businessweeek, March 16, 2011

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