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Female Employees Sue Hooters in Class Action California Wage and Hour Lawsuit

April 9, 2010

In Los Angeles, California employment news, a wage and hour lawsuit has been filed against five Hooters restaurants in the Los Angeles area, Sacramento area, Fresno, and Bakersfield, by female waitresses who claim that they have been subjected to repeated violations of California labor laws.

According to the complaint, brought by one existing employee and several former employees, Hooters workers are subjected to a series of California wage and hour violations, such as being unlawfully forced to work through meal and rest breaks, having walkouts deducted from pay checks, having their time cards altered, and being forced to share tips with managers. Hooters is also being accused of failing to pay employees the minimum wages that are required by California state law, as well as applicable overtime and expenses. The lawsuit is seeking class-action status, and will represent nearly 1,000 present and former employees within the past five years.

Hooters waitresses are also accusing the restaurant chain of forcing them to pay for and maintain their own uniforms for employment in the restaurant--a very specific uniform which requires mandatory orange short shorts, a tank top with the Hooters logo, nude pantyhose, and shoes. The uniform is reportedly not inexpensive, as pantyhose cost around $4-5 dollars per pair, and the shoes are upwards of $55. The waitresses are never allowed to wear the uniform anywhere other than the restaurant. California law requires that any specialized uniform must be paid for by the employer, and according to the suit, Hooters is failing to reimburse employees for all expenses that are reasonably incurred in the course of performing their jobs.

Hooters is also being accused of forcing the waitresses to make promotional appearances in public places, like golf tournaments without compensating them for their time, as well as neglecting to pay them for time spent doing paperwork at the restaurant that is expected to be done after clocking out. The female employees also claim to be subject to constant scrutiny for their looks and are expected to correct any flaw on their own time and dime.

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