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Female CFO Sues Proskauer Law Firm for Gender and Disability Discrimination

October 8, 2011

According to recent labor and employment law news that our Anaheim employment attorneys have been following, Proskauer Rose LLP, a law firm known for defending corporate clients from employment lawsuits, is being sued by its former chief financial officer for discrimination and wrongful termination.

Proskauer Rose LLP, one of the top ranking labor and employment law firms in the country, with twelve offices worldwide, was sued this week by Elly Rosenthal, 57, the former CFO of the company--who claims she was discriminated against and wrongfully terminated in March of 2011, and is seeking $10 million in monetary damages.

The Wall Street Journal reports that lawsuits like these are rare, as law firms are more likely to keep senior level employee disputes under wraps. When most firms experience discrimination lawsuits, they are often by female and minority junior attorneys who sue as after being passed over for partner.

In her sex, age and disability discrimination lawsuit, Rosenthal claims that she was demoted after returning to work following a 2008 medical leave, to recover from breast cancer surgery--whereupon her employment was later terminated. The lawsuit claims that after working for the firm for sixteen years with great success and positive reviews, she was unlawfully discriminated against by male superiors and then wrongfully terminated as a result of her gender, her age and her medical condition.

Rosenthal, a Certified Public Accountant, was hired in 1992 as CFO of Proskauer Rose LLP and held that position until she returned from medical leave, and was reportedly demoted to a lesser title. Rosenthal's complaint accuses Proskauer's chief operating officer Art Gurwitz of forcing her out of the firm by replacing her with a male CFO who was less qualified and moving her into a position with less authority and responsibility. She was fired on March 11, 2011 with the instruction to vacate her office within three days.

During Rosenthal's tenure as CFO, she managed global financial functions for Proskauer, as well as a staff of over 70 employees and was reportedly frequently recognized by the firm for her performance and strong relationships. Rosenthal claims that filing the discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit was the last resort, as she gave the firm every opportunity to settle the lawsuit amicably. The complaint requests a jury trial.

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