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Expediting your Hearing

Scheduling your Administrative Law Judge hearing can take as long as two years. During this period, it is likely you are not working because of your disability and you are obviously not receiving Social Security Disability benefits. This can be a financial burden and add to the stress of your current situation. While it is possible to expedite your hearing, it is difficult and not likely. However, there are at a couple of ways to potentially expedite your hearing.

Dire Need

The first way to potentially speed up your disability hearing is to send a dire need letter. A dire need letter generally refers to your financial circumstances and how a usual wait time would cause your financial circumstances to worsen to such a level that would result in homelessness, loss of insurance benefits, access to medication, or treatment. A letter alone will not be sufficient to prove your dire situation. Along with this letter, you should attach evidence, such as copies of late notices from landlords or mortgage companies, and letters from doctors explaining what would happen should you discontinue medication or treatment.

This letter should be sent to the Office of Adjudication and Review and they will make the decision whether or not to expedite your Administrative Law Judge disability hearing.

Compassionate Allowances Initiative

Certain disabilities and illnesses are so severe that it is not possible for you to wait the usual processing time for disability approval. To learn more about what disabilities the Social Security Administration are considered qualifying under the Compassionate Allowance Initiative, read more here. If your disability is severe, you may be able to have your hearing and approval process completed within days. Contact the experienced Irvine Social Security Disability attorneys at Howard Law PC today to get the benefits you deserve.