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Employees File Class-Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit Against Ashley Furniture

October 8, 2010

In a recent class-action wage and hour lawsuit that our Orange County employment attorneys have been following, Ashley Furniture Industries are being sued by around 3,000 hourly employees at the company's Berks County, Pennsylvania facility, who have worked for the company over the past four years.

According to the complaint, the workers are accusing the furniture company of violating Pennsylvania minimum wage laws on a daily basis over the past four years. The suit accuses Ashley Furniture of violating labor laws by failing to pay workers for every hour in the workday, for failure to correctly calculate and compensate accurate overtime pay, failure to pay hourly employees to work through rest and meal breaks, for requiring employees to engage in off the clock work, and for failure to pay hourly workers the accurate incentive pay rates according to company policy.

The complaint identifies three plaintiffs, who represent the class-action group that has allegedly been subjected to these wage and hour violations over the past four years. The suit also alleges that even after an audit by the Department of Labor, the company refused to correct the systematic wage and hour violations.

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