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Employee Sues John Elway's Los Angeles Car Dealership in Class Action Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

January 11, 2012

In recent Los Angeles, California employment lawsuit news that our Costa Mesa attorney Vincent Howard has been following, a former employee of a California car dealership owned by John Elway, the well-known former quarterback of the Denver Broncos--is suing the dealership, claiming that minority employees were regularly subjected to racial discrimination, harassment and a hostile work environment.

According to the class action lawsuit filed earlier this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Timothy Sandquist, a former sales manager at Elway's Toyota dealership in Manhattan Beach, claims the he and other minority employees were frequently denied employment opportunities and promotions based on their race.

The California racial discrimination lawsuit names John Elway and his two business partners, and claim that Sandquist who was an employee of the company for eleven years, was paid less than his white colleagues and was frequently passed over for promotions that he was entitled to after many successful years of employment with the company--because he is black.

The lawsuit also claims that the general manager of the dealership, Darrell Sperber, created a hostile work environment for minority employees by saying ethnic slurs against black, Middle Eastern, and Latino employees, along with allegedly encouraging employees to say demeaning comments about non-white customers who chose not to buy cars. The discrimination and harassment lawsuit also claims that Sperber, who was hired to be the general manager in 2007, engaged in retaliation against any employees who reported the alleged racial harassment or discrimination.

Sandquist, who is an African American, started working with the dealership in 2000 as a sales representative. He reportedly became a sales manager in 2008, but resigned last year, and filed a harassment and discrimination complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Department to stop the alleged workplace mistreatment. He is asking for unspecified monetary damages, which reportedly includes back payment and punitive damages.

According to Howard Law's managing attorney, Vincent Howard, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is against the law to discriminate against a job applicant or employee because of race or color in regard to job hiring, firing, compensation, employment training, job promotions, or any other conditions, terms, or privilege of employment. Under Title VII any employment decisions that are based on stereotypes and assumptions about the abilities or performance of individuals based on certain racial groups are against the law.

If you have experienced race-based harassment, discrimination or retaliation in Orange County, California, contact attorney Vincent Howard at Howard Law, PC today, so we can help find a solution for your recovery. Call us today for a free consultation at 1-800-872-5925.

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