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Employee Brings Lawsuit Against Lord & Taylor Over Meal Break Pay

January 19, 2011

A female employee in Cambridge, Massachusetts is reportedly bringing a class action wage and hour lawsuit against department store chain, Lord & Taylor, according to a recent article that our Carson, California employment and labor attorneys have been following.

Shannon Liss-Riordan reportedly worked for Lord & Taylor from 2006 to April of 2010 and alleges in the proposed class-action lawsuit that Lord & Taylor violated state wage and federal wage and hour laws by deducting an hour of lunch from her paycheck, even when she did not take a lunch break.

Lord & Taylor allegedly automatically takes an hour of lunch pay out of the compensation for sales associates, even if they take a short lunch, or no lunch break at all. This is reportedly a common issue for companies using timekeeping systems that automatically deduct money for employee breaks.

In a similar Massachusetts case from December 2009, a judge approved a class action settlement where Walmart agreed to pay $40 million to as many as 87,500 former and current employees after allegedly denying the workers meal and rest breaks, overtime pay, and illegally doctoring time cards to lower employees' compensation. It was reportedly the largest wage and hour class action settlement in the history of the state.

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