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Elgin Baylor's Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Heard in LA Superior Court--Clippers Accused of Age Discrimination

March 23, 2011

In a recent Orange County, California employment lawyer blog, our attorneys discussed a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Elgin Baylor, the 76-year old former general manager of the Los Angeles Clippers, who claimed to have been fired based on age and race discrimination.

This week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Baylor testified in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the Clippers organization, stating that after being an executive in the organization for 22 years, he felt humiliated and insulted when he received a letter in 2008 asking him to retire and become a consultant.

Baylor is suing the basketball team, President Andy Roeser and owner Donald Sterling for wrongful termination based on age discrimination, claiming that both Sterling and Roeser would continually bring up his age in conversations, asking him how much longer he was going to work.

In another statement, Baylor reportedly claimed that he was promised in 1993 by Sterling that he would be "a lifer" with the Clippers, and was then shocked when many of his duties and responsibilities were later taken over by Roeser, Sterling and the then-coach Mike Dunleavy, prior to being fired.

The Clippers have denied any allegation of age discrimination or wrongful termination. When cross-examined this week by the Clippers general counsel, Baylor was asked if he ever complained about age discrimination or harassment to anyone at in the Clippers organization, the NBA or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

According to the Los Angeles Times, Baylor responded that he had no one to complain to--as he couldn't complain to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers. Baylor claimed that at first the alleged age discrimination comments were just annoying, and only later became stressful.

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