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EEOC accuses McDonald's in Teenage Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

October 13, 2009

Our Anaheim-based Labor and Employment Lawyers have been watching a recent case development, in which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has launched a lawsuit against McDonald's Corporation--for failure to prevent sexual harassment against a teenaged worker and other male employees in the workplace.

According to the suit, the teenager, identified in the suit as "Charging Party," was subjected to verbal and physical harassment about his appearance by a female supervisor in the fast food restaurant in a New Jersey McDonald's. McDonald's, the world's largest restaurant company, allegedly allowed the female supervisor to inappropriately touch and grab the teenager and other male workers based on their sex, without their consent.

McDonald's is being accused by the EEOC of engaging in unlawful employment practices by creating a work environment that was intentionally hostile, and entirely based on gender. The suit alleges that as a result of the female supervisor's physical and verbal treatment, the teenager and other male workers were kept from receiving equal employment opportunities in the workplace--their federally protected rights were treated with indifference, and this effected their status as a McDonald's employees.

The crimes have allegedly been taking place since August of 2007, when the "Charging Party" was 16 and 17, and McDonald's is blamed for failure to take proper action by preventing the sexual harassment of the teenager, as well as the other male employees. The suit was filed on September 30th, and the EEOC seeks a permanent injunction, to prevent this local Illinois-based McDonald's from continuing to practice sexual discrimination.

The EEOC complaint also asks for McDonalds to institute and carry out policies and practices that discontinue the unlawful employment practices, and strive to improve the workplace environment by providing equal employment to the male employees. The EEOC also asks the judge to pay pecuniary losses for the past and future, emotional damages for the inflicted pain and humiliation, as well as punitive damages for bad conduct.

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