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E-1 Treaty Trader

What is the E–1 Immigrant Visa?

The E–1 category is intended for managers, employers, and entrepreneurs who want to move to the United States to work in a company that conducts substantial trade between a foreign state and the United States.

Three key requirements for E–1 Visa Applicants

In order for you to apply for an E–1 Visa, the following conditions must be met:

  1. There must be a treaty in place between the United States and the country in which your foreign company is based.
  2. The treaty company must be owned/controlled by citizens or naturals of the treaty company.
  3. Applicants seeking E–1 Visa status must be citizens of the treaty company as well.
  4. There must be a "substantial" level of trade between the treaty county and the United States.
Other important information

An Applicant must have essential skills or work in a key executive or supervisory capacity. He or she can bring along immediate family (children and spouses). Essential staff, such as managers and special knowledge workers, can apply separately for visas.

Substantial trade must exist between the U.S. and the treaty country

More than 50% of all trade conducted internationally must be between the treaty country and the United States. The value of the trade isn't as important in this context as the number of trade transactions. The standard of "substantial trade" refers to the volume of transactions – and not specifically to the amount of money these transactions generate. There should be a consistent level of trade between the treaty country and the United States in any given year.

Trouble with your E–1 Visa application process?

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