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DOL's Smartphone App Could Reduce Wage Theft, Overtime Disputes

May 25, 2011

In a recent Carson, California labor and employment blog post, our attorneys discussed the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) new smartphone application, designed to allow employees to independently track their hours and the amount of compensation that they are owed--in order to fight against the increasing problem of wage and hour violations in the workforce.

According to a recent Washington Post article, overtime pay is the largest wage and hour issue in the country, with thousands of complaints coming in every year, from workers in the restaurant, hotel, retail and other low wage industries. The new smartphone application will allow workers to add comments to their hours, and then email the summary to their bosses, or themselves, to prevent wage and hour violations.

Experts also reportedly say that this app could also help employers, as it would help to resolve overtime disputes quickly--and encourage employees to discuss pay discrepancies with their employers. Also, once employers whowho engage in wage theft realize that workers are using the app to track hours and compensation, they may rethink their shoddy employment practices.

Every year, the DOL reportedly collects back wages and unpaid overtime compensation for around 220,000 workers who experienced wage and hour violations. Last year around 6,800 wage and hour lawsuits were filed, which according to the DOL, was approximately 700 more than the previous year. Employers paid $176 million in back wages in 2010, and in the past five years, employers reportedly gave over $925 million in overtime compensation and back pay to 1.2 million workers.

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