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“Do It Yourself” Loan Modification

At Howard Law, P.C., our Attorneys can provide you with a cost effective way to obtain your own loan modification through our "Do It Yourself" Loan Modification option. This service is a type of "limited scope representation" in which we help you prepare your own loan modification package and give you pointers and strategies so that you can negotiate with the lenders yourself to obtain your loan modification.

A "limited scope representation" is a relationship between an attorney and a person seeking legal services in which they have agreed that the scope of the legal services will be limited to specific tasks that the attorney will perform for the person. The specific tasks that Howard Law, PC will perform for you as part of the "Do It Yourself" Loan Modification include the following:

  • Our firm will evaluate, review, and update as needed, your financial profile and prepare the documents to be submitted to the lender by you.
  • Our firm will acquire, evaluate, and review the following documents to prepare for submission by you to your lender. Documents that law firm will require and review include, but are not limited to:
    • Hardship Affidavit
    • Personal Financial Statement
    • Mortgage Statement
    • Form 4506T Form
    • Pay Stubs / W-2's
    • Profit and Loss Statements (self employed)
    • Tax Returns for last two years
    • Bank Statements (2 months)
    • Misc. Asset Statements
    • Utility Bills
    • Property Tax Information, and
    • Hazard Insurance Information
    • Preparation of the following letters to send to your lender:
      • Letter demanding the identity of the lender who owns your loan (note holder)
      • Letter demanding copies of your loan documents
      • Fax Cover Letter
    • Contact information provided for your lenders
    • The do's and don'ts of loan modification and a brief history of the type of loan you have.
  • Our firm will prepare, package, and prepare your loan modification/forbearance package for submission by you.

Once we have completed these tasks for you, we will then provide you with the loan modification package so that you can submit the package to your lender/servicer in order to secure a modification yourself. Although you will be responsible for contacting and negotiating with your lender, we will take reasonable steps to keep you informed and respond to your inquiries.


Business and Professions Code §10085.6(a) prohibits a person (including attorneys) from negotiating, attempting to negotiating, arranging, attempting to arrange, or otherwise offer to perform a "mortgage loan modification or other form of mortgage loan forbearance" and receive/claim/demand/charge/collect any compensation until after the person (including attorneys) has fully performed each and every service the person (including attorneys) has contracted to perform or represented he/she would perform. The term compensation also includes wage assignments, a lien on real or personal property, or other security to secure compensation.

In accordance with Business and Professions Code §10085.6, our firm will not charge or collect our fee for any of these services until after we have performed the services under this "Do It Yourself" Agreement.

Pursuant to Business and Professions Code §10147.6, our firm herby notifies you that it is not necessary to pay a third party to arrange for a loan modification or other form of forbearance from your mortgage lender or servicer. You may call your lender directly to ask for a change in your loan terms. Nonprofit housing counseling agencies also offer these and other forms of borrower assistance free of charge. A list of nonprofit housing counseling agencies approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is available from your local HUD office or by visiting Notwithstanding, by entering into a "Do It Yourself" agreement with our firm, you will be choosing to have our law firm use its influence and experience to represent you in this matter and will have chosen us as a better alternative to the aforementioned other government and non-profit options.