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Dick's Sporting Goods Settles Wage and Hour Class-Action Lawsuit for $15M

February 5, 2011

As Irvine, California labor and employment attorneys, we have been following the recent multi-state class-action overtime lawsuit settlement announcement of $15 million, to be paid by sportswear chain Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. to current and former employees who claim that the company violated federal and state wage and hour laws by failing to pay overtime and forcing them to work through meal and rest breaks.

The original lawsuit was reportedly filed in 2005 by Tamara Barrus, the lead plaintiff, who accused Dick's of employing payroll software that docked worker's pay by deducting break periods and meal breaks from workers' pay automatically, even though Barrus and other workers claimed that they were often forced to work through rest periods or meal breaks. This, according to the claim, makes the workers eligible to collect overtime compensation.

After Barrus filed her lawsuit, other former and current employers of Dick's joined the action, leading to class action certification by the court in 2006. The agreement signed between the plaintiffs' and the sporting goods chain, if approved by a federal judge, would settle the wage and hour class-action lawsuit claimed under 36 states' wage and hour laws.

In a recent wage and hour lawsuit blog post, our Corona, California employment attorneys reported that under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees covered by the act must be compensated at least $7.25, the federal minimum wage, for every hour worked in a forty hour work week, plus one and one half times their regular pay rate, which includes commissions, incentive pay, and bonuses for all hours worked beyond forty in a workweek. Employers are also required under the FLSA to maintain accurate payroll and time records for every employee.

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