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Craig and Sherri B.

Servicer: Bank of America dba BAC Home Loan Servicing

Craig & Sheri B.Old LoanModified Loan
Interest Rate6.50%3.00% for 2 years, then
3.50% for year 1, then
4.00% for year 1, then
5.00% until maturity 2036
Loan Type30 Yr. Conv Jumbo ArmStep Rate IO and impounds
Monthly Payment$3,607.10
Includes Interest, Taxes and Insurance
Includes Interest Only, Taxes and Insurance

TOTAL SAVINGS: This loan modification resulted in a Total Monthly Savings of $1,631.21 for our client and amounts to an estimated savings of over $508,937.52 off the amount financed over the life of the loan. All delinquent interest and late fees have been capitalized to the principle balance of the loan.