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Commercial Loan Modification

In today's economic climate, staying out in front of financial problems is critical to the survival of businesses large and small. At Howard Law, our Los Angeles business litigation attorneys and commercial real estate lawyers provide aggressive, high-powered legal representation to businesses throughout the Los Angeles area, including Anaheim, Santa Ana and Riverside.

In the wake of the recession and the unprecedented downturn in the real estate market, businesses are finding fewer sources for commercial loans, operating cash and mortgages, as well as cash flow for inventory, operation and business investment. A commercial loan modification, or concessions involving a commercial lease, can be critical to the viability and survival of businesses throughout California.

The Los Angeles business attorneys at Howard Law assist commercial clients with a variety of business and real estate needs:

  • Commercial loan modifications
  • Mortgage loan modifications
  • Lease modifications or renegotiations
  • Bankruptcy protections
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Renegotiation of business contracts

Businesses facing financial challenges should speak with an experienced commercial real estate or business litigation attorney as early as possible. While finding a resolution is in the best interest of both the bank and a struggling business, banks continue to be unresponsive even in the face of skyrocketing foreclosures. By retaining high-quality legal representation as early as possible, you will be sending a clear signal to lenders, banks, investors, creditors and suppliers that you are serious about protecting your rights and retaining control over the future and financial well-being of your business.

Howard Law is a Los Angeles law firm experienced in dealing with foreclosures, loan modifications and business litigation and real estate services. We work across each of our legal departments - including business litigation, real estate and bankruptcy law - to provide you with the kind of comprehensive, high-quality legal representation you need and deserve.

If you are facing commercial foreclosure or bankruptcy, or need to modify the terms of an existing business loan or contract, contact Howard Law today for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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