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Class-action Lawsuit Claims Technology Company Violated California Overtime Laws

January 10, 2011

Our Orange County employment and labor attorneys have been following the recent California class-action lawsuit filed last year against Johnson Controls, Inc., accusing the technology and industrial company of violating California Labor Codes by failing to pay overtime wages, failing to maintain accurate records, and failing to provide compensation for missed meal breaks, among other California employment violations.

Michael Evans, the lead plaintiff in the case, alleges in the class-action lawsuit that while employed by Johnson Controls in Napa, California, he was allowed to work more than eight hours per day and over forty hours per week, and often for more than seven consecutive work days, without being compensated for overtime pay of one and one half (1 ½) his regular rate of pay--a violation of California Labor Codes. Evans also claims that when working for more than 12 hours in a day, he failed to received overtime pay of two times his normal pay rate.

Evans also alleges in his lawsuit that he often worked for five hours straight, without being provided with his legally entitled meal breaks, and was not compensated for one hour of pay at his regular pay rate for each day that the meal breaks weren't provided--a violation of California labor laws, regulations, and Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders, according to the suit.

The California class-action lawsuit also accuses Johnson of failing to maintain accurate payroll and time records, and allegedly did not reimburse Evan for business expenses that were incurred in the regular course of his employment duties, which the company reportedly withheld from his wages.

After Evans' employment was terminated, he claims that he was not paid all of the wages that were owed to him, and that he did not receive wages that he was reportedly owed for unused vested vacation in accordance with Johnson Controls' vacation policy.

According to the class-action lawsuit, Evans and class members are seeking various monetary damages for the violations of California Labor Codes, in addition to legal costs.

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