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Casey Affleck Settles Hollywood Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

September 20, 2010

In recent Hollywood entertainment news that our Orange County, California employment attorneys have been following, actor Casey Affleck has resolved two sexual harassment lawsuits and reached settlements in both, after being sued by a producer and a cinematographer this year for alleged inappropriate behavior while filming a recently released documentary that features Joaquin Phoenix.

According to the Los Angeles Times, female producer and female cinematographer, Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka, sued Affleck and Flemmy Productions, LLC this year in two different lawsuits. White sued for $2 million, while Gorka sued for $2.5 million. White accused Affleck for breaching the original agreement that he allegedly made with her verbally, to compensate her with $50,000 after working on the film. White also described incidents where she was made to endure workplace sexual advances by Affleck, as well as harassment by crew members, who were reportedly encouraged to flash White on many occasions.

Gorka, in a separate legal action, sued Affleck, claiming that she endured an almost daily attack of sexual advances and comments made by members of the crew, which Affleck reportedly encouraged. She also claims that one night during the filming, she woke up to find Affleck in her bed, attempting sexual advances.

Affleck's attorney claimed in July that White's sexual harassment lawsuit was a fabrication created after her previous attempts to get a better production agreement through a year of extortion failed. A settlement was reportedly reached last week, announced by Affleck's spokeswoman--that the legal issues surrounding these sexual harassment lawsuits have been resolved, and are being dismissed.

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