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California Hotel Pays $500,000 in Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settlements

February 4, 2010

In recent California employment law news, the San Gabriel Hilton, run by Landwin Management, Inc., has settled two lawsuits for national origin discrimination and sexual harassment for $500,000, and significant remedial relief.

According to the first suit, filed in 2007 by the U.S. Equal Employment Commission, (EEOC), Landwin Management, the company that runs the Hilton hotel in the middle of San Gabriel's Asian community, was accused of not rehiring Latino banquet servers after taking over the management of the Hilton hotel in 2005. The former servers claimed that because they were not Chinese, they were not hired back after the hotel turnover, and were replaced with Chinese employees who were less qualified.

In the second lawsuit, the EEOC claimed that the female workers in the Hilton endured a hostile work environment that was filled with verbal abuse by the supervisor of the housekeeping department, who reportedly referred to the women as prostitutes and whores. The female employees also claimed that the supervisor scolded the female workers if they talked to men. The lawsuit states that these harassment complaints were ignored by the management at Landwin.

Landwin Management will pay $500,000 to settle the two lawsuits, and will commit to a three-year consent decree that includes company policy changes, such as aiming to hire Hispanic workers, training employees in anti-discrimination, and hiring an EEOC consultant to monitor the progress of these goals.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Hilton opened in San Gabriel in 2004, to cater to the expanding Asian community, and the majority of the guests are tourists from China.

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