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California Governor Jerry Brown Drops Schwarzenegger's Minimum Wage Fight

February 21, 2011

California Governor Jerry Brown recently agreed to drop the high-profile lawsuit filed last year filed by former Governor Schwarzenegger to force Controller Jon Chiang to lower the wages of around 200 of California's state employees to the federal minimum wage during a budget impasse.

As our Long Beach labor and employment attorneys discussed last year, the lawsuit reportedly sought to make Chiang compensate California governmental workers with $7.25 an hour instead of paying them with their full salaries, until Schwarzenegger could reach an agreement with the state lawmakers on how to deal with the hefty $19 billion deficient for the fiscal year. Back pay, according to the former administration, would have been given back to the workers once the budget was enacted.

Chiang argued last year that the California computer payroll system of the state was so out of date that it would have been impossible to follow Schwarzenegger's order, and that the lowering the employees' wages would violate California wage and hour laws and lead to taxpayer fines and damages.

Last week Brown decided to abandon the case, stating that after already costing the state $928,000 at the end of 2010, it was going to be an expensive and protracted trial.

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