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California Baristas Sue Starbucks in California Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

August 8, 2011

Our Carson, California employment attorneys have been watching the development of a recent class action wage and hour lawsuit, filed by a group of Starbuck's Baristas, who are accusing the company of engaging in California State wage and hour violations.

According to the class action complaint, Starbucks violated California wage and hour laws by failing to pay the Barista employees for all hours worked, overtime wages, and for failing to keep proper records of all employee hours and wages. The lawsuit also alleges that Starbucks intentionally neglected to compensate the Baristas for their time spent memorizing, reviewing and completing the training materials mandatory for all Starbucks employees.

Under California wage and hour laws, employers are required to compensate employees with overtime payment for any hours worked above eight hours in a day, or forty hours in a week. California law also requires that employers pay hourly employees for all training time mandated by the company. Under the state wage and hour laws, when employees are forced by employers to take after hours training tests, they are still required to be paid for the full amount of the time it takes them to complete any test or training activity.

Earlier this year, as our Riverside employment lawyers blog discussed, Starbucks was also sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for dwarfism and disability discrimination, after Elsa Sallard, a disabled job trainee, asked for reasonable accommodation in order to perform the necessary job functions as a Barista. Sallard's employment was reportedly terminated after three days of job training, after she requested for a stool to stand on in order for her disability to be reasonably accommodated.

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