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CA Labor Commissioner Sues Farm Labor Contractor for Wage and Hour Violations

August 21, 2012

Julie A. Su, California's Labor Commissioner, filed a wage and hour lawsuit with the Fresno Superior Court earlier this month, according to recent news that Vincent Howard has been following--against a California farm labor contracting company that allegedly violated multiple California wage and hour laws.

According to Su's lawsuit, Diaz Contracting violated California labor laws by failing to provide minimum wage and overtime payment to workers. The lawsuit seeks $634,800 in unpaid back wages, damages and penalties that affect 129 employees, along with an injunctive relief to keep Diaz Contracting from violating California labor law in the future.

The lawsuit will reportedly be prosecuted by the Labor Commissioner's attorneys, and according to the California Department of Industrial Relations' (DIR), demonstrates Su's ongoing commitment to fighting against wage theft in low wage industries--a problem affecting both workers and employers in California, along with the state economy. Su reaffirmed her commitment and the commitment of the DIR's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), to low wage workers, especially in industries such as agriculture, where workers are often vulnerable to wage and hour violations, and where the moving nature of the work poses a challenge to the DIR's enforcement.

Labor Commissioner Su stated that the agriculture industry in California is highly valued in regard to the state's economy, and the goal of the DIR is to ensure that farmworkers who keep the agriculture industry moving forward are protected treated with respect, and law-abiding employers are given a fair playing field, and not threatened by are employers who break the law.

Earlier this year, as Vincent Howard reported in a previous Santa Ana labor and employment attorney blog, Labor Commissioner Su filed two other California wage and hour lawsuits in Los Angeles, seeking over $2,047,464 in back wages after the DIR found three car wash businesses responsible for violating California State Labor law by failing to pay minimum wage and overtime compensation to the employees of the car wash, along with denying workers their legally entitled right to rest and meal breaks.

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