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Burns (Flame or Chemical)

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Advocating for Orange County Residents

Workers may be exposed to a multitude of dangers in the workplace, including situations that may result in burns from both flames and chemicals. While first-degree burns only damage the outer layer of skin, second-degree and third-degree burns may damage deeper tissues. In severe cases, burns may cause not only pain and disfigurement but also shock and even death. If you have suffered a serious flame or chemical burn injury in the workplace, you should understand your legal rights under California’s workers’ compensation laws. The skillful Orange County workers’ compensation attorneys at Howard Law, P.C., can help guide you through the various hurdles presented by a claim.

Both an employee and an employer have certain rights and responsibilities following a job-related accident. The employee has a duty to report the injury in a timely fashion and obtain authorization for appropriate medical care. Once this has been done, and a claim has been deemed compensable, the employer (or, usually, its workers’ compensation insurance carrier) has the responsibility to pay for all reasonably necessary medical care, including emergency care, doctor bills, medical tests, physical therapy, travel costs, prescription medications, and other medical expenses.

Disability Benefits for Workers Suffering from Burn Injuries

In addition to temporary disability payments that make up part of a worker’s temporary loss of earnings due to a work injury, an injured employee who suffers at least some permanent physical impairment may be entitled to pursue permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits. The amount of these benefits varies considerably from case to case. Some of the factors that are used to determine the amount due include the state minimum and maximum workers’ compensation weekly benefit rates, the worker’s age and previous employment history, the likelihood that the worker will be able to return to full-time work in the future at a wage similar to what they earned prior to the injury, and the amount of impairment assigned by their physician under the American Medical Association’s Guides to Permanent Physical Impairment, 5th Edition.

Unless the employer contests the compensability of a workers’ compensation claim, the claims representative may eventually offer a settlement to the employee based on their rating, as assessed by the representative. The employee does not need to accept this offer, and they may ask for a hearing in front of a workers’ compensation judge. Workers have the right to hire an attorney to represent them not only during a hearing to determine permanent disability benefits but also at other phases of a work injury case. If the case is successful, the attorney may be paid a percentage of the employee’s settlement or judgment when the case is over.

Pursue Representation from a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orange County

People who have suffered burns on the job should consider talking with a job injury attorney about their case early in the workers’ compensation process to make sure that they understand their legal rights and are being treated fairly by their employer or its insurance company. The Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers at Howard Law, P.C., are here to help. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to injured workers throughout Southern California. Call us at (800) 872-5925 or contact us online. Our attorneys represent injured people in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Pomona, and Riverside, as well as other cities in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.