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Broadway Director Sues 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Producers for Compensation

November 22, 2011

According to a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter that our Riverside, California employment lawyers have been following, Julie Taymor, an Academy Award nominated director has filed a lawsuit against the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, for violating her rights by using her directing work in the production without proper compensation.

Taymor who was the original director of the Spider-Man musical, the most expensive theater production in Broadway history, was released from her role as director of the musical due to artistic differences, earlier this year. The show was plagued with difficulties from the start with high-profile performer injuries and poor reviews early on--but has gone on to be a box office success, showing to packed crowds since its November 2010 debut.

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is a musical with rock lyrics and music written by Bono and The Edge from U2, and the book written by Glen Berger, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Taymor. The musical has set the record for being the most expensive production on Broadway, costing a reported $75 million to produce, with a long preview period of performances before the show officially opened. The preview period was reportedly necessary in order to work out the safety issues involving flying stunts that left many cast members with injuries, as well as issues with the story.

After Taymor left the production in March 2011, she reportedly filed an arbitration claim against the Spider-Man musical producers, claiming that she was owed over $500,000 in royalties for her role as the show's original director. Earlier this month, the arbitration hearing was held, and the outcome has not yet been released.

In her lawsuit, Taymor accuses the show's producers of continuing to use her important creative contributions without compensating her--and claims that she is entitled to profits from the show and to authorship for copyright purposes.

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Julie Taymor Sues 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' for Infringing Her Creative Input, The Hollywood Reporter, November 8, 2011

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