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Bratz Dolls vs. Barbie, Mattel Loses Last Round

April 25, 2011

In recent Santa Ana, California employment news that our attorneys been following, California-based Mattel Inc., the largest toymaker in the world, has been defeated in their seven-year legal battle against MGA Entertainment--the small California company, whose line of Bratz dolls led to a Mattel lawsuit claiming that MGA stole away a prominent Mattel employee, key doll designs, and intellectual property.

Mattel reportedly filed the lawsuit in 2005, when MGA's Bratz dolls were becoming extraordinarily popular, featuring flashy dolls with outfits that were edgy and chic--creating formidable competition with Mattel's Barbie franchise.

In 2008, MGA was ordered by the federal court to pay Mattel $100 million, but the ruling was thrown out by a federal appeals court last year. MGA subsequently claimed that Mattel gained wrongful access to toy fairs with fake passes in order to steal trade secrets about the Bratz dolls, and then concealed the evidence of such actions. MGA also accused Mattel of costing the small company hundreds of millions of dollars over the past seven years of litigation.

Last week, the federal jury found Mattel guilty of misappropriating trade secrets from the small company and awarded MGA $88.5 million in monetary damages, with the possibility that more damages might still be awarded to the company. The jury found that Mattel doesn't own the idea of Bratz dolls, and that the doll sketches made by MGA were not stolen from Mattel. Mattel is expected to appeal the case.

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