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Bone Fractures

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Bone fractures happen when a physical force is exerted against a bone, and the force is stronger than the bone itself. The average person has two fractures over the course of a lifetime, but fractures suffered during adulthood may be much more complicated than those that happen during childhood. Regardless of whether a fracture is displaced, non-displaced, open, or closed, a broken bone may result in considerable pain, discomfort, and the potential for permanent physical impairment. If you have suffered a work-related bone fracture, you should consider talking to an experienced Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer at Howard Law, P.C., about your right to file a claim for medical costs, disability payments, and other benefits available under California law.

Workers’ compensation laws are in place to provide a legal remedy to people who suffer an injury or illness due to their work. In addition to paying for medical care (emergency, ongoing, and long-term), an employer is responsible for providing temporary or permanent disability payments, as appropriate. In addition, some injured employees may qualify for a supplemental job displacement benefit that may be used to pay for retraining or skill enhancement if they are not able to return to their pre-injury job.

Seek Compensation for a Job-Related Bone Fracture

Most bone fractures suffered on the job will result in at least some temporary partial disability. If this causes the employee to earn less money than they were earning prior to the injury, they may be entitled to receive temporary partial disability benefits. If the worker is unable to work at all for a time, they may be eligible for temporary total disability payments. The amount of these payments depends on the worker’s average weekly wage at the time of the injury and the state minimum and maximum. While temporary disability benefits do not completely replace a worker’s lost earnings, they may help them avoid financial devastation in the event of a serious injury that results in weeks or months off work.

Permanent disability benefits are available to workers who never completely recover from a work injury. The amount that such employees receive is dependent upon the amount of permanent loss of physical (or mental) function, their pre-injury wages, their age, their vocational training, and other factors. Such benefits may be partial or total, depending upon whether the employee is able to resume at least some work after they reach maximum medical improvement. An injured worker who disagrees with a claims administrator’s assessment of their rating has a right to have a workers’ compensation judge review the case.

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