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Beyoncé Sued for $100M by Video Game Company

May 9, 2011

The multitalented entertainer, Beyoncé, was reportedly hit with a $100 million lawsuit last month, by a video game company who accused the singer and actress of destroying Christmas by breaching a contract and reneging on an agreement to develop a video game in her name last year.

According to the lawsuit, Gate Five, a software developer, is suing Beyoncé to cover lost investments after the star reportedly pulled out of an agreement in December of 2010 to create a dance video game entitled, "Starpower, Beyoncé." The lawsuit claimed that after Beyoncé had already negotiated a hefty compensation deal in her contract, she demanded entirely new compensation terms at a crucial moment in the game's development--the week before Christmas.

The lawsuit accuses the star of a bad faith breach of contract that destroyed the company's business and caused 70 employees to lose their jobs just before the holidays. The summons also reportedly claims that Beyoncé's demands were so outrageous that her father and then-manager Matthew Knowles, renounced them. Beyoncé has reportedly recently ended her managerial relationship with her father.

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