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Aviation Accidents

General v. Commercial Aviation Accidents

  • In 2008, a total of 21 people died in commercial airplane accidents, compared to the 571 people who were killed in civil or general aviation accidents.
  • There are more than 5,300 general aviation airports in the United States, compared to about 600 airports that handle commercial flights.
Los Angeles Aviation Accident Lawyers

When we think of airplane crashes, most of us think of large commercial airlines.

But the National Transportation Safety Board reports passengers are as much as 50 times more likely to be killed in a private airplane crash than in a commercial airline accident.

A comprehensive report issued in 2005 by the NTSB, found that the danger of being involved in a private plane crash was greatest in California, where 182 of the nation’s 1,670 private plane crashes occurred that year. The state with the second-highest number of crashes, Florida, had 50 fewer fatalities as a result of airplane crashes.

The Los Angeles airplane accident attorneys at Howard Law fight for the rights of clients who have been injured or killed in private or commercial airplane crashes in California.

Top causes of airplane crashes include air traffic control error, fire, defective design or other mechanical flaw, running out of fuel, lightning, bird strikes, terrorism and pilot error.

Commercial airlines, particularly regional carriers hired by the major airlines to handle small commuter flights, have made news in recent years for the inattention paid by inexperienced pilots. News reports of pilots paid little more than minimum wage continue as do the accidents caused by those making life-and-death decisions in the cockpit.

Drunk pilots, poor maintenance and traffic-control errors have also contributed to airline crashes or dangerous and negligent conditions faced by paying passengers.

As bad as the news often is for the safety of commercial airline passengers, the number of private aviation accidents has skyrocketed with the rising popularity of corporate flights, site-seeing flights, lease-jet arrangements and the popularity of recreational aviation.

California airplane accidents are complicated cases involving state and federal regulations, multiple insurance companies, out-of-state corporations and multiple parties, including pilots, traffic controllers, airplane owners and mechanics. Hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer capable of handling an airline accident is critical to protecting your rights and the financial well-being of you and your family.

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