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Apple Employee Sues Store for Age Discrimination

December 3, 2010

Our Riverside, California employment attorneys have been watching the unfoldment of a recent lawsuit, where a former Mac Specialist at an Apple retail store is accusing the computer giant of age discrimination, after he was allegedly refused a promotion based on his age.

According to the lawsuit, Michael Katz was hired as Mac Specialist in March of 2006, when he was 60-years-old, at an Apple retail store in Orlando, Florida. Katz claims in the suit that upon hiring, he expressed interest in being promoted to a Creative, a higher position within the store, and applied for multiple job openings over the course of two years, but was denied every time.

The complaint states that every employee that was selected for the promotion to a Creative position was significantly younger than Katz, by at least 15 years, and had less qualifications as well as seniority. Katz was reportedly not given any explanation for his denial of multiple promotions, and his supervisor allegedly refused to acknowledge that Katz had even applied.

In 2007, Katz was "constructively terminated" from his position in the Apple store and took his age discrimination complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who found sufficient cause to believe that Katz had been denied promotions to a Creative position based on his age.

According to InformationWeek, age discrimination in the tech industry is found to be a significant problem for professionals over the age of 45. As our Santa Ana employment attorneys reported on in a recent blog, in August, a former employee of Google won an appeal in the California Supreme Court that allows him to continue with his age discrimination claim against Google from 2004. In his lawsuit, Brian Reid claimed he was hired because of his high-tech expertise, but was then wrongfully terminated due to age discrimination. The then 54-year-old was reportedly told upon firing that he wasn't a good "cultural fit" for the youth-oriented company.

Katz is accusing Apple of violating the Florida's Civil Rights Act, and seeks back pay and damages in excess of $15,000 from the Cupertino, California company.

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