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Appeals Court Upholds $187.6M Verdict in Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit

June 21, 2011

An appeals court in Pennsylvania has reportedly upheld a $187.6 million verdict in a class action wage and hour lawsuit, that our Riverside employment attorneys have been watching, stating that Wal-Mart violated wage and hour laws, by pressuring store managers to skip their required meal and rest breaks.

According to Reuters, the class action lawsuit reportedly represents around 187,000 former and current Wal-Mart employees who worked for the retail chain between 1998 and 2006 in Pennsylvania stores.

The employees claimed in the case that Wal-Mart engaged in improper business practices by pressuring store managers to build productivity, strengthen profit and cut costs with the lure of significant bonuses based on store profitability--leading to constant understaffing, poor scheduling, and chronic rest-break violations.

The case was brought by Dolores Hummel and Michelle Braun, two employees working for stores in the eastern Pennsylvania-area who reportedly drew on evidence from around 46 million shifts.

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania stated last week that there was enough evidence for the Philadelphia jurors to conclude in 2006 that Wal-Mart's practices violated state wage and hour laws, and that Wal-Mart's own internal investigation uncovered other wage and hour violations including off-the-clock work.

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Wal-Mart loses $187.6 million worker rest appeal, Reuters, June 13, 2011

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