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About the Firm

Justice First, People Always.

Before entering the legal profession, managing shareholder Vincent Howard first learned of his first military unit's motto, "Mission First, People Always" while serving in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. He has since modified this motto to, "Justice First, People Always" and has made this saying a central tenet of Howard Law. It stands as the guiding philosophy for a legal team dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

A Diverse Group

Since its inception, Howard Law has become a nationally recognized law firm with attorneys who are experienced in representing plaintiffs and consumers in complex and high-profile litigation matters. Many of the firm’s lawyers previously worked at large, powerhouse law firms, and they bring to the practice years of experience in the firm’s primary areas of focus: Personal & Catastrophic Injury and Labor & Employment matters.

Given the expertise of its members, the firm has been successful in prosecuting complicated cases against some of the world’s largest corporations, manufacturers and insurance companies. Its lawyers come from all walks of life; and the combination of these distinct backgrounds has proved integral to the firm’s effectiveness.

Committed to Superior Representation

Whether a matter is resolved through settlement, negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, the attorneys at Howard Law are prepared to aggressively pursue justice while remaining attentive to their clients’ needs.

Indeed, the firm, as a boutique practice, is able to provide personalized service that accounts for its clients’ unique interests. Clients can be assured that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will always be handling their matter, and the firm frequently collaborates and pools resources with other nationally recognized firms when it means obtaining the best result for a client.

Recognized for Their Skill

Howard Law includes attorneys who are continually ranked at the highest levels of the legal profession by other members of the bar and judiciary.

Lawyers at the firm have received top ratings from the attorney rating directories Martindale Hubbell, Super Lawyers and Avvo. They have also been recognized with the Consumer Attorneys of California’s Presidential Award of Merit, and the U.S. House of Representatives’ Certificate of Congressional Recognition, among other honors.

Defenders of the Civil Justice System

The firm’s attorneys pride themselves on their role in helping consumers hold corporations accountable for the harm or loss of life they have caused. By bringing lawsuits against negligent manufacturers, polluters and other offending organizations, consumers have prevented countless injuries and saved millions of lives by compelling these entities to end their misconduct and develop safer products.

Still, with tort reform and legislators’ attempts to weaken federal regulations and preempt effective state laws, plaintiffs and consumers are facing a legal landscape where their access to the nation’s justice system is under attack. And wherever there is an injustice of this sort, the attorneys of Howard Law are committed to ensuring that justice prevails.

For this reason, lawyers at the firm belong to organizations such as the Orange Country Trial Lawyers Association, American Association for Justice and Consumer Attorneys of California—groups that work to ensure the American people’s right to live in a society predicated on a fundamental sense of fairness, honesty and accountability. Through their leadership in these and other associations, they do their part as trial lawyers to eliminate negligence and misconduct and improve society.

Committed to the Community

Howard Law understands that what happens to one person can happen to anyone. By bringing attention and advocacy to matters of the utmost importance, the firm strives to foster change and ensure the safety and well-being of families and the community.

To that end, the firm’s attorneys contribute to a number of vital nonprofit organizations, such as Swim With Mike (a scholarship program for disabled athletes) and Veterans Legal Institute. They also donate time and resources to various community causes that are centered on giving a voice to those who are overlooked in society.

Ultimately, these efforts, which are characteristic of both attorneys and staff members alike, are not ancillary to the firm’s practice, but at the core of its mission: one that seeks to protect the public and ensure that people always come first.