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$8.9 Million Settlement Reached in Albertsons Racial-Bias Discrimination Lawsuits

December 18, 2009

As California Labor and Employment Attorneys, we have been following the $8.9 million settlement of three Albertsons discrimination lawsuits, announced this week by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC represented 168 Black and Hispanic Albertsons employees in these cases, who were allegedly subjected to discrimination based on race, color and national origin, as well as retaliation, in the Colorado distribution center.

The first lawsuit, filed in 2006 by the EEOC, accused the national grocery store chain of providing a hostile work environment filled with harassment and discrimination, where minority employees were repeatedly exposed to verbal harassment and derogatory name calling, as well as graffiti taunting with racial and ethnic slurs, swastikas, drawings of lynchings, white supremacy comments, and anti-immigrant language. The bathroom graffiti was allegedly so offensive that many employees opted to leave for lunchtime, or relieve themselves elsewhere, to avoid being subjected to the shocking and blatant harassment.

The EEOC also charged that managers were made aware of the frequent harassment and discrimination of the minority workers and the employees were retaliated against as a result--with harder job assignments, more discipline than their white colleagues, denied promotions, and wrongful termination.

The second lawsuit was filed in 2008, accusing Albertsons of this pattern and practice of retaliation against employees who had complained about the discrimination and harassment. The third case was filed in 2008 as well, and accused the grocery chain of discrimination based on race, on behalf of an African American employee who was wrongfully terminated at the distribution center.

The EEOC enforces the federal laws that protect employees from unlawful discrimination in the workplace. The settlement will be distributed between the 168 current and former employees. As well as monetary relief, Albertson's agreed to four years of EEOC monitoring, as well as an extensive training program to ensure that the company will comply to these equal employment opportunity laws in the future.

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