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$50M Overtime Lawsuit Against Alexander Wang to Move to Federal Court

March 24, 2012

Earlier this month, New York fashion designer Alexander Wang was sued in a high-profile wage and hour lawsuit, after former employees accused the famous designer of running a sweatshop, and failing to properly compensate them for all hours worked.

In recent developments that Vincent Howard has been following, Wenyu Lu, a former Alexander Wang employee who filed the original wage and hour complaint, has filed a motion to discontinue the case--in order to re-file the wage and hour claim in federal court, with a new lawyer who is a labor law specialist.

According to the original complaint, employee Wenyu Lu filed a $50 million wage and hour lawsuit in early March against Alexander Wang and his brother Dennis in Queens Supreme Court, for allegedly forcing him to work sixteen hour days, with no rest or meal breaks, or overtime compensation.

The lawsuit reportedly claimed that workers were forced to work at least 16 hours per day or more, without receiving any overtime compensation, in a 200 square foot room without windows. Lu claimed that he, along with other workers, suffered from injuries and illnesses from working for the designer in such a poor work environment. Lu claimed in his lawsuit that after working for 25 hours straight at his workstation without taking a break, he fainted, and was hospitalized for a few days.

The civil lawsuit was later amended to include Flor Duante, who claimed that she was forced to work over 90 hours per week in Wang's factory, with no compensation to reflect the hours she actually worked. Both workers claim that after filing workers compensation claims, for injuries they sustained on the job, they were fired out of retaliation.

Wang reportedly became a fashion sensation when he launched his first women's wear collection in 2007. According to Wang's representatives, the claims of sweatshop conditions are entirely untrue. Wang continues to deny the wage and hour allegations, stating that the company strives to provide a safe working environment, and to comply with wage and hour regulations and overtime payments.

Ming Hai, Lu's current lawyer claims that the lawsuit will be refilled in federal court, with a different lawyer taking over the case who focuses on federal labor and employment law.

As Vincent Howard frequently reports in Howard Law's Riverside labor and employment lawyers blog, under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, (FLSA) individuals must receive at least $7.25 for each working hour, plus one and one-half their regular hourly compensation rate for every hour worked beyond 40 in a workweek, including commissions and bonus pay, along with any commissions.

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