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Another Fed Ex Ruling Finds Drivers to be Independent Contractors, Not Employees Upper Crust Sued Again for Retaliation and Wage and Hour Violations Judge Orders Trucking Company to Repay Employees $51K in Back Wages New York City Restaurant Ordered to Pay Employees $436K in Back Wages Judge Rules Costco Workers Can Proceed as California Class Action in Wage and Hour Lawsuit Default Judgment of $800K Obtained in DOL Garment Manufacturing Case Supreme Court to Debate Class Action Certification of Wal-Mart Sex-Discrimination Case Enwisen Investigated by DOL for Employee Misclassification--Pays $290K in Back Wages Filipino Workers Sue California Hospital for Discrimination and Harassment over English-only Rule Retaliation Ban Limits Discussed by Supreme Court U.S. DOL Recovers $339K in Back Wages for Electrical Mechanics Whistleblowers and Health Fraud Cases in the Pharmaceutical Industry California City Sued by Disabled Employee for Discrimination, Wrongful Termination Apple Employee Sues Store for Age Discrimination Foster Farms and California Staffing Agency Sued for Wage and Hour Violations Schwarzenegger Vetoes Two California Wage Theft Bills Whitman Settles with Former Housekeeper--Pays $5,000 in Back Wages Jury Sides with 'Tomboy' in Sexual Stereotype Retaliation Lawsuit Yarn Company Will Pay $230K in EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Settlement Los Angeles Workers and Activists Rally at City Hall to Protest Wage Theft $750M Whistleblower Lawsuit Settlement Reached--Glaxo Pays for Drug Manufacturing Violations Final Regulations of Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Issued by EEOC California Judge Certifies Class of Employees in Oracle Wage and Hour Lawsuit Congressman Hare Introduces Bill to Prevent Wage Theft “White Collar” Exemptions under the FLSA DOL Fines Nickerson Farms $48K for Violating Child Labor Laws Chicago Cable Installer Sues for Employee Misclassification EEOC Sues Maxwell House and Kraft Foods for Sex Discrimination DOL Sues Kentucky Nursing Home for $512K in Back Wages NY Governor Signs Employee Misclassification Act into Law Criminal Penalties Imposed on Employers for Employee Misclassification New State Legislation Holds Employers Accountable for Employee Misclassification High-profile Celebrity Restaurateurs Hit with Wage and Hour Lawsuits Chef Mario Batali's Del Posto Sued for Back Wages and Tips Human Development, Inc. Sued by EEOC for Discriminating Against an Obese Employee Ralphs' Employee Sues for Racial Discrimination, Harassment and Wrongful Termination DOL Recovers Over $485K in Back Wages for New York City Dollar Store Workers EEOC Files Lawsuit Against Industrial Subcontractor for Sex Discrimination, Retaliation Missouri Falls Behind Other U.S. States in Indentifying Employee Misclassification Privacy Issues of NASA Scientists Debated in the Supreme Court Attorney General Brown Files Lawsuit Against Eight California Car Washes for $6M Employees File Class-Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit Against Ashley Furniture Whitman Accused of Wage and Hour Violations, and Employing Illegal Housekeeper Survey Reveals Wage Theft in Chinatown Restaurants EEOC Sues Chapman University for Racial Discrimination Attorney General Jack Conway Slaps FedEx with Employee Misclassification Lawsuit Judge Finds FedEx Drivers to be Independent Contractors and Not Employees--Drivers Pledge to Appeal Employee Misclassification Casey Affleck Settles Hollywood Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Study Finds Wage and Hour Lawsuits Outnumber All Other Employment Class Action Claims California DLSE Overtime Laws and Employee Misclassification WWE Audited for Employee Misclassification EEOC Hits Abercrombie With Another Religious Discrimination Suit over “Look” of Muslim Teen Applicant DOJ Celebrates Labor Day By Getting Tougher on Employment Laws DOL Recovers over $868K in Back Pay for Florida Time Share Company's Wage and Hour Violations Orange County Employee's Semen Found in Female Colleague's Water Bottle, According to DA DOL Investigates Walt Disney World--Recovers Over $433K in Back Wages for Employees Wal-Mart Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Class-Action Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Ruling California Retailer Settles Wage and Hour Lawsuit After Employees Fight for Overtime Pay Muslim Files EEOC Discrimination Complaint Over Disney's Costume Policy--in Order to Wear Hijab California Nurses Association Sues Sutter Health For Discriminatory Hiring Practices U.S. Labor Department Forces CenturyLink to Pay Over $140,000 in Back Wages and Overtime Smartsoft Agrees to $1 Million in Back Wages and Interest for H-1B Worker Violations Vulnerable Health Care Industry Workers and Wage and Hour Violations U.S. DOL Investigates Wage and Hour Practices in the Health Care Industry DOJ Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Ventura County Resolved California Worker Sues for Job-screening Discrimination Certain Job-screening Tactics Could be Against the Law California Overtime Bill for Farmers and Workers Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger Construction Company Pays Back Wages After DOL Wage and Hour Division Probe Cooperative Fined $721,000 by OSHA after Worker Becomes Engulfed in Frozen Soybeans California Governor Celebrates 20th Anniversary of ADA with Disability Initiative Google To Stand Trial--California Age-Discrimination Lawsuit Moves Forward California Rep. Sánchez Introduces the Direct Care Workforce Empowerment Act DOL Proposes FLSA Wage Regulation Updates for Home Care Workers Pizza Chain Investigated by DOL for Wage and Hour Violation Allegations DOL Wage and Hour Division Audits for Low Wage Industry Violations FLSA Provision Covering Break Time for Nursing Mothers New York Caterers reach $93K Settlement in DOL Wage and Hour Lawsuit Workers Sue Toyota for Disability Discrimination and Full Severance DOL Fines McDonald's Franchise Owner for Overtime and Child Labor Violations Employees Hit 24 Hour Fitness with Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit Foster Farms Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination and Wrongful Termination U.S. Appeals Court Rules Novartis Salespeople Covered by FLSA Overtime Law California Attorney General Fights Employee Misclassification and Workers' Rights Violations California Port Drivers File Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit Against Truck Company Schwarzenegger's California State Worker Minimum Wage Fight Goes to Court Whitman Dismisses Media Frenzy over EBay Employment Incident K-9 Officers Win Overtime Payment in Wage and Hour Settlement Walmart Employee Fired for Using Medical Marijuana Sues for Wrongful Termination Senator Harkin Aims to “Level the Playing Field” to Protect Workers And Businesses from Employee Misclassification Supreme Court Sides with Employers on Texting Privacy Rules in the Workplace Labor Secretary Investigates Child Labor Law Violations in Farming Industry Department of Labor Cracks Down on Illegal Employment of Children Hotel Workers Accuse Los Angeles Airport Hilton of Violating Living Wage Law DOL Announces $1.8M in Grants to Support Female Workers Charter Agrees to Settle Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit Wal-Mart Warned of Gender Discrimination Possibilities Before Lawsuit Starbucks Settles with California Teen in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Employee Who Claims Citibank Fired Her for Being Too “Hot” Sues for Gender Discrimination Workers Sue Bank of America in Nationwide Class-Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit U.S. Department of Labor's Agreement with Tyson Foods on “Donning and Doffing” Lawsuit Influences Future Wage and Hour Rights California Labor Commissioner Sues Florida Contractors for Overtime Wage Violations Polo Ralph Lauren Employees Reach $4 Million Preliminary Settlement in California Off the Clock Lawsuit California Rep. Lynn Woolsey Fights Employee Misclassification with EMPA Employee Misclassification Lawsuit: Franchisees Found to Be Employees Not Independent Contractors DOL's Wage and Hour Division Investigation Leads to Lawsuit Settlement--Teleperformance to Pay Nearly $2M in Employee Back Wages FLSA “Donning and Doffing” Wage and Hour Rights Workers Sue Farmland Foods for Wage and Hour “Donning and Doffing” Rights in Class Action Lawsuit Poultry Producer Settles in Age Discrimination Lawsuit--Perdue Pays Applicant $25K Police Fight to Get Paid to Put On Uniform--Judge Rules Off-the-Clock Lawsuit Can Move Forward California Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit Settlement--Wal-Mart to Pay $86 Million Contractor Accused of Cheating Workers and Government By Violating Wage and Hour Laws Lawyer Attempts to Use Brain Scan as Evidence in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case Affirmative Action Ban Debated in California Supreme Court--Should Women and Minorities have Employment Preferences? New Legislation to Reduce Employee Misclassification Brown Introduces Employee Misclassification Prevention Act in Senate Federal Court Upholds Female Employees' Right to Sue Wal-Mart in Class Action Gender Bias Suit Safety and Health in the Workplace--Workers Memorial Day 2010 Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Saga Continues for Action Star Seagal California DLSE and Employee Misclassification FLSA Commonly Used Exemptions for Employees “Off the Clock” Class-Action Lawsuit for NY Home Care Service Agency Steven Seagal Sued for Sexual Harassment--Lawsuit Suspends Reality Show Filming “Exempt” vs. “Non-exempt” in the California Workplace Hooters Reveals Increase in California Class-Action Lawsuits Federal Criteria Defining Legality of Unpaid Internships Female Employees Sue Hooters in Class Action California Wage and Hour Lawsuit Could Looking at Safety Violations Have Prevented the Massey Mine Explosion? Labor Department Investigates Whether Unpaid Internships Violate Wage and Hour Laws Deaths of Workers in Massey Energy Mines Raise Safety Concerns Merrill Lynch and Bank of America Sued for Gender Discrimination and Retaliation U.S. Labor Department Launches “We Can Help” Campaign to Enforce Wage and Hour Laws Lady Gaga Slapped with Breach of Contract Lawsuit and Fights Back Racial Announcement in Walmart Store Tells Black People to Leave Fragrance Sensitivities and Disability Definitions under the ADA City Employee Sues Over Perfume Stink in the Workplace Sexual Harassment and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Employment Study Questions J.Crew's Hiring Practices--Discrimination Against Transgender Applicants Tire Company to Pay $2M in Gender-based Hiring Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and California FEHA Law High-end New York Designer Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Growing Rate of Male Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Women EEOC Shows Increase in Male Sexual Harassment Cases Fired Game Makers Sue Activision for Breach of Contract Walmart Will Pay More Than $12 Million in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Settled--Construction Company to Pay Back Wages Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement--McDonald's Franchise Will Pay Employee $90,000 Gender-based Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit Settlement-- Gravel Company to Pay Nearly $500K Amusement Party Company Sued for Racially Hostile Work Environment California Court Overturns Female Firefighter's Racial, Gender Discrimination Case LSU Professor and Hurricane Katrina Expert Files Retaliation and Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Big Lots to Pay Big in California Harassment Case Anderson Cooper Sued By Interior Designer for Injury from Unsafe Workplace California Labor Commissioner Enforces Labor Code 2810 in Landmark Janitorial Settlement California Solar Power Company Settles in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Agricultural Injuries and California Workers' Compensation Claims Ten Year Hollywood Age Discrimination Lawsuit Ends--Writers Entitled to Settlement Sears, Roebuck Disability Settlement is Distributed--Court Approves $6.2 Million in Damages to Employees Young Workers in the Fast Food Industry at Risk--Sexual Harassment in McDonald's and Taco Bell California Hotel Pays $500,000 in Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settlements EEOC Facts about Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace 20/20 Reports on Teenage Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Settled--U.S. Security Associates to Pay $80,000 EEOC's 'Youth at Work' Protects Teenage Workers from Harassment District Attorney Cleared of California Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Allegation California Worker Files $1.5 M Claim against District Attorney and County for Sexual Harassment California Vineyard Accused of Teenage Sexual Harassment NASA Scientist Hit with Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Rather's Request for an Appeal Rejected by NY York State Supreme Court Labor Violation in Los Angeles and the Role of Public Policy Development New Study Reveals More Abuse of Low-wage Workers in Los Angeles Female Manager Sues K-Designers for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Former Playboy Mansion Party Planner Sues Hugh Hefner for Unlawful Termination Discrimination in the Workplace Sets New Record High in 2009 Outback Steakhouse Sexual Discrimination Settlement--$19 Million for Female Employees H1N1 Flu Vaccine Reported to Give Nannies an Employment Advantage